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Include photo media groupings such as Creative Digitals, Black & White, Studio Techniques, Nature, National Parks, and Wonders of America. Contact Jim Roberts

The “Black & White Comparative Gallery” shows examples of color images that have been converted to grayscale.  There are also descriptions of software commonly used to convert images to black & white.  Step-by-step procedures for use of the software are given for the referenced images.

Images presented in the “Black & White Monochrome Gallery” are contributed by members of the GVRCC Black & White SIG (Special Interest Group).  New members to this SIG often ask the question:  To make a black-and-white photograph, should I set my digital camera to monochrome or shoot in color and convert the color image later?”  To learn the answer to this question, click this PDF link to an article presented in the Journal of the Photographic Society of America.

The title “Creative Digitals” opens the gallery door to images that have been drastically changed in appearance and/or constructed.

Studio Techniques —  A variety of “Hands-on” specialized photographic methods are instructed and practiced during this Special Interest Group (SIG).  Topics such as close-up and macro, light painting, time-lapse, astro, table-top still lifes, portraiture, studio lighting, and flash photography are included.  Photo – Gary Kattge teaching about lightboxes.

The category “Nature” can explain how images have been used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide.  In 2006, NANPA celebrated the first Nature Photography Day and placed it in McGraw-Hill’s reference work, Chases’s Calendar of Events. Many media and websites took notice. Since then, people throughout the North American continent – from overseas, too – have discovered numerous ways to observe and enjoy the day (June 15th in 2014).

GVRCC salutes the National Parks Service for its tireless work in preserving our natural treasures.  Enjoy the National Parks gallery of favorite GVRCC member images.  Links are provided to access NPS information.

Wonders of America will take you to the most extreme places in America.  Enjoy the images taken by GVCC members, and learn about the many “Wonders” they have seen.  Also, you can click on the following link to view the U.S Postal Service’s promotional Vimeo video about the Wonders and the Commemorative stamps:  VIDEO LINK.

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