Green Valley is an "Active Adult Community" and the GVR Camera Club is activity centered....

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Stop by the GVR Camera Club where you’ll find members working on individual activities like making prints, copying slides, scanning photos, cutting mats or copying videos.


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Camera Club members hone their skills at Camera Club Sponsored Field Trips. Feel free to join fellow photographers on trips sponsored by The GVR Camera Club.  Click here to visit the Trips Page.

Additional information about Field Trips is presented on the “GVCC Travels” gallery page of this website.  You will find images taken by Club members while on GVCC Field Trips, and links to outside web pages that describe the locations visited by the Club field trip groups in the past. Click here to visit the GVRCC Travels Page

Other Activities

In addition to Trips and  individual activities, GVR Camera Club members can take classes, participate in Special Interest Groups called SIGs. Members can join some activities on a “walk in” basis while other activities may require registration.

The Camera Club also sponsors some purely “Social” activities like a annual “Pot Luck Dinner”.  Some activities, like a “Scavenger Hunt” are both social and photographic. 

The GVR Camera Club gives members an opportunity to showcase their photographic works through popular events called “Showtime” and “Travelogue”, and through the Club’s participation in the “Green Valley Senior Games”.  For more information, schedules, and example videos of “Showtime”, “Scavenger Hunt”, and “Travelogue” presentations,  Click here to enter the “Theme Galleries” page of this website.

GVR Camera Club members can review activities and register for classes and events, when necessary, through the Club’s Events system. Use Club Events to check on the availability of trips, classes and SIGs.  It is both the club’s calendar of activities and reservation system. Club Events is accessible from anywhere.

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Southern Arizona Activities

Southern Arizona has a wide variety of locations to shoot great photographs. Here are some destinations that make great Photo Day Trips from the Green Valley area.