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Theme Galleries dynamically display the works of current club members focusing on specific themes or topics. These include selected images and recent presentations such as SHOWTIME, SCAVENGER HUNTS, and TRAVELOGUES. Contact Chuck Hill, Linda Gregory, and Holly Chorba.

GVRCC members are invited to prepare images and presentations for showing at the Camera Club and local Green Valley Recreation (GVR) venues.  Assistance in developing  images and multimedia can be requested, and members can attend GVRCC workshops and classes.  Information on the use of presentation software  is also available at the various GVRCC Special Interest Groups (SIGs).   The Multimedia Presentations link on this website contains video examples and “how to” instructions regarding software and techniques.

SHOWTIME:  Showtime was initiated a few years ago to provide an opportunity for members to display short “slide programs” of their work to the community of photographers in the Camera Club and their guests.  Members are invited and encouraged to submit their programs for the following 2017-2018 schedule…..




Monday, December 4, 2017 — Anza Room — 7:00 PM

Monday, January 8, 2018 — Anza Room — 7:00 PM

Monday, February 5, 2018 — Anza Room — 7:00 PM

And at the annual potluck on Friday, March 30, 2018 — GVR West Center — 5:00 PM


What should you do to get on the Showtime agenda?

Chuck Hill•  Watch the Showtime example program produced by Chuck Hill prepared from photos captured over two seasons of the Tucson Celtic Festival.  CLICK HERE to view Chuck’s video on Vimeo.  (7.5 minutes in duration).

•  Develop your program (many software packages for this… ProShow Gold, Producer, Premier Elements, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Photo Story, MS Power Point, Lightroom, Picasa, etc.).  Check Club Events for workshops and classes on using presentation software.  ProShow Gold or Producer is a good application to produce your program.  For complete details on submitting your program see Saving Your ProShow Programs.

• If you are using ProShow Gold or Producer, publish your program as an ‘executable’ – check ‘include in-screen playback controls’ – and you need not include the ProShow menu title.  The other presentation programs probably include options to create as an ‘mpeg4′ output.  Either of these techniques will result in much higher quality than burning it as a DVD.  Your program length should be around a maximum of ten minutes and set to suitable music.  If you’ve got travel photos from one of your vacation trips  – they would be appropriate for showing in the TRAVELOGUES group (see instructions below).

•  Get your presentation media on a CD or DVD to Chuck Hill (or Dropbox it to him) two weeks before the scheduled Showtime – E-mail:,  520-829-7693, 332 La Abra, Green Valley – there is a folder at the Camera Club – “Showtime – Chuck Hill”.  Include the title of your presentation.

SCAVENGER HUNTS:  Description and requirements; recent showings (TOPIC) — “Scavenger Hunt Slideshow”.

Peter BerryScavenger Hunt presentations are played during a scheduled Showtime.  The program includes images submitted by GVRCC members about “Theme” topics such as ABANDONED, ARID GARDEN, BENCHES, BLUE, FACES, FAVORITE PLACES, FENCES AND GATES, LIFE IN GREEN VALLEY, PATHWAYS, PERSPECTIVES, REFLECTIONS, SEATS, SHADOWS, SHINY, SPRING, THROUGH, WEIRD WILD WACKY and CRITTERS.  Linda Gregory develops the presentations using “ProShow Gold” (and “Producer”) software.

For your enjoyment, we invite you to watch the example Scavenger Hunt presentation titled “Shadows” that was prepared by Linda Gregory.  CLICK HERE to view the video on Vimeo.  (13 minutes in duration).

The upcoming Scavenger Hunt theme topic is “Reflections”.  You can submit up to five photographs that depict the theme.  Your photos will be used to create a slideshow for the January Showtime.  The photos should be as large as possible (at least 1MB in size) so that they will show well in the slideshow.  Please change the photos’ file name to read your name first and the title of the photo, i.e. Linda Gregory-Zebras at the Waterhole.  The date that the photos are due for this Scavenger Hunt is Friday, December 15, 2017, by 5PM.  You can e-mail them to:  or .

Linda GregoryOld Tucson Studios” —  Linda Gregory volunteered to create a slideshow of Club member photographs taken on a  field trip to Old Tucson Studios on December 12th of 2012. This slideshow was played at a Showtime.  CLICK HERE to view the video on Vimeo. (13 minutes in duration).  Slideshows can be prepared from images of Club field trips.  If you have participated in Club field trips, you are invited to submit up to six photographs. Please rename your file name to your name and the title of the photograph, i.e. “Linda Gregory-Three Mittens.” Also, please don’t reduce the size of the photographs to less than 1.5M. That ensures that the photos will be sharp and clear in the slideshow. We want to show your photos to their best advantage. The due date for the next slideshow is TBA. You can e-mail your digital photos to:

:  Travelogues are multimedia presentations of 14-25 minutes length featuring travel adventures to such sites as France, Borneo, Oatman, AZ, and Ontario, Canada.  Submit your programs by emailing to: “” or sending to Holly Chorba via Dropbox or placing a flashdrive in the Travelogue folder at the Camera Club.

20140925_Borneo_GP-B07A9999 copyBorneo photo by Grace Pitzer.

Watch a Travelogue example about “Alaska” produced by Paul & Grace Pitzer from their photographs, video, music, and narration.  CLICK HERE to see the Pitzer’s Travelogue video shown on Vimeo (14 minutes in duration).

GVRCC invites all members to produce travel shows for the big screen this fall.  And, we invite all GVR members to travel vicariously with us by attending Travelogue Shows starting in November.  See the “Travelogue Guidelines” for entering your presentation into the Travelogue Special Interest Group.  Also, see what classes will be offered to help you capture your memories as digital presentations.  We look forward to seeing you and where youʼve been!

You’ve enjoyed wonderful shows in past years from members such as Larry Springford, Phil Wenstrand, Linda Sparks, Grace Pitzer, Pat Leege, Patsy Sills, Carol Jones, Marilyn Scase, Peg Rob, and Holly Chorba.  NOW — WE WANT YOU!

Join us as members of the Green Valley Recreation Camera Club present their travel adventures this winter and spring. All presentations will be at 7:00 PM on listed Tuesday evenings at the Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center, Anza Room (on the top floor) :

November 2017 January 2018 February 2018 March 2018
Tues. 14th, 7:00 PM Tues. 16, 7:00 PM Tues. 20, 7:00 PM Tues. 20, 7:00 PM
 Anza Room Anza Room Anza Room Anza Room


Happy Trails, Holly Chorba, Travelogue Coordinator     E-mail:

You can send a REPLY about this page. We look forward to receiving your comments.



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