Gallery of Patricia Large

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:  Pat Large grew up in the eastern United States and never saw the beautiful southwest until later in her life.  But a connection surely always existed, and her first pair of cowboy boots at age seven was her prized possession.  She got her first camera at age eight and little did she realize that the boots and camera would come together so importantly in the future.  Marriage, family and career kept her busy until she and her husband, Tom, started traveling the southwest in their motor home. Eventually they followed family to Green Valley and have spent every spare minute here, since.  Pat and her husband are both new members of the Camera Club, and they have already taken advantage of several classes and seminars.  Pat was fortunate enough to have two of her Green Valley pictures printed in the 2019 edition of Discover Southern Arizona Magazine.  The Command to Look Seminar was a pivotal point for her, as she has always seen her photography as her art.  With two children and four grandchildren still in Georgia, Pat and Tom’s roots remain very deep there.  They both have been passionate supporters of the Arts.  They love to travel and to spend time with family.  But they are happiest of all traveling the back roads of Arizona, cameras in hand.

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You can send a REPLY about these images.  I look forward to receiving your comments.


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