Creative Digitals

This photo gallery includes Club member images that have been edited and modified for effect utilizing software. GVRCC members are invited to attend Special Interest Group meetings to learn creative techniques. Contact Jim Roberts for more information.

The title “Creative Digitals” opens the door to images that have been drastically changed in appearance and/or constructed.  This might include techniques such as the heavy use of filters, extreme retouching, blending of images, inclusion of graphics, illustration, artistic endeavors, panorama, collage, and the use of photo objects (clip art).  Traditional software, like Photoshop, include various filter groups  like blur, distortion, sketch, and stylize (to name only a few!).  Specialized imaging software can be used to paint, illustrate, morph, etc.  Corel Painter and Adobe Illustrator come to mind …………  .  We’ll work on this definition as the Creative Digitals gallery grows and evolves.   A photo or elements of a photo (taken with a camera by a GVRCC member) must be incorporated in the final image.

Additional information on how to prepare creative digital images can be obtained by participating in the GVRCC SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and various classes offered by the Camera Club.  Check out the Black & White Comparative Gallery and the Studio & Advanced Techniques Gallery of this website.  The Photoshop/Lightroom SIG is also a wonderful opportunity to learn.

The “thumbnail” images shown below are cropped smaller. Allow time for images to load.

Click the first image of the gallery to see the full size image SLIDESHOW.

You can send a REPLY about these images. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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