What IS Multimedia?

Multimedia SIG filming “Foam-Core Mounting Your Photograph”

 So what is multimedia? (And what can it do for you?)

A multimedia presentation can incorporate a combination of text, audio, music, narrative, video, still photo images, animation, or graphics. (Or all of the above!) Many of our members use their DSLRs, GoPro, or video cameras to record their materials. We’ve also been seeing an increasing use of smart phones (both android or iPhone) to do this.

The Multimedia SIG has begun to work more closely with the Camera Club to produce instructional videos. In the photo to the left, the SIG worked with Gene Komaromi on “Foam-Core Mounting Your Photograph”. We have other projects in the planning stages and participate in the annual 10-week camera/photography class as well.

You can see some samples of SIG members’ work in the Multimedia Presentations Section of the “Galleries” portion of this website.



We all have a story to tell. What’s yours?

A short video introduction to multimedia

     What Is Multimedia?  A video short about multimedia

The typical aim of a multimedia presentation is to “Tell a Story” about a trip, a location, a group of people — or any topic of interest — and capture the attention of the audience, inform, or entertain. There are really no limits to the kind of programs you can prepare using multimedia.  For a sample, watch the short video, “Introduction to Multimedia“, produced for the students in the Camera Club’s 10-Week Basic Photography class. What could you could do? How about:

  • A slide show of old family photos that have been gathering dust in the closet.
  • Promotional videos for community non-profits.
  • Presentations for special gatherings such as Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, etc.
  • Funny videos of a gathering, event, or other topic. (e.g., the SIG production of God Created Children.)
  • A video of that “Trip Of A Lifetime” that could be truly memorable.
  • Educational videos like the SIG has produced for the Camera Club. (e.g., Foam-Core Mounting Your Photograph.)
  • Anything your imagination can dream of!

How can the Multimedia SIG help you?

Some members of the Multimedia SIG

The Multimedia SIG (Special Interest Group) was formed to share ideas that encourage and assist in the creation of interesting, informative and enjoyable multimedia presentations. Our members have experience at all levels from beginners to professional videographers still working in the industry. No matter what your level of expertise, we invite you to come learn and share with us! (There are no “minimum requirements” to participate!) You will always find a warm welcome and readiness to help you with your latest project. (Some of the SIG members pictured at left.)

There is NO special prerequisite to come to the Multimedia SIG meetings and no required classes. Just come on in!

The ClipArtCalendar2_77exchange of ideas and information is one of the best features of our SIG and this takes place in the discussions in the Ansel Adams Room found in the Camera Club.

****************** Summer Hours !! ****************************

For the first time in recent memory, the Multimedia SIG will have regular meetings during the summer. Until further notice, we will meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 9:30 a.m.. Click on the Calendar link  to see what we’ve been up to, and what the upcoming topics will be.

These meetings are also where SIG members typically share their “works-in-progress” to solicit feedback and suggestions on how their videos might be improved. These sessions are positive in nature and a great opportunity for everyone to learn.

New! Weekly Meeting Notes Archive. One of our members suggested we maintain the weekly meeting notes that are sent out after each meeting as a means for Camera Club members interested in the Multimedia SIG to get a sense of what the SIG does and access the instructional videos we share. We will try this, beginning with the 2018 season Jan-April and continue through at least the 2019 season. At the send of the 2019, we’ll review this and see if it is being utilized. Not all of the Notes will be posted at first, since they must be retrieved from email, converted to .txt, and then converted to .pdf before posting them here, so please be patient.

What do we do with our presentations?

Once the presentation is completed, it is typically stored on DVDs, flash drives, or stored on a computer for presentation later. What do we do with our presentations? Besides showing them to our friends and family, Green Valley Camera Club members frequently show their multimedia productions in GVCC “Showtime” presentations, “Scavenger Hunts”, and “Travelogues”. For more information in participating in these events, check out the THEME GALLERIES page of this website.

If you like, your multimedia presentation can be shared on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, or  Vimeo. There are lots of choices.

So check out the samples of ways our SIG can help, as well as some of the productions by our members in the Multimedia Presentations Section of the “Galleries” portion of this website.

Software Used in Multimedia Presentations

The members of the SIG typically use software like those pictured below.  Click a software icon for more information. (Note: Some of these software packages are free but you don’t get ALL the features unless you buy the full version.)

Microsoft Windows Movie MakerAdobe Premiere Pro   Adobe Premiere Elements        Photodex Pro Show Gold & Producer        Adobe Flash    Audacity 

There are quite a few other software packages that are used by members of our SIG. The Camera Club also provides classes in some of the more popular ones – see the GVR Camera Club Calendar for class availability and dates.

Music For Your Videos

Where can you find music to put in your videos? Good question!! And one that is endlessly debated and misunderstood. Here’s our take: If you’re never going to make your video available to the world but will only watch it on your home computer, you’re probably ok using just about any music you can find. BUT! If you’re going to post your video on YouTube, Vimeo, or FaceBook, or wherever the public can watch it, then your music should be “legal”. If you want to know more about this, click here.

Handy Internet Educational Resources

The Multimedia SIG will start listing quality sources of information found on the internet in this section. (Click Here!) (More will be added in the future, so check back periodically for updates.)

Page last updated on: 4/17/2018