Multimedia SIG Schedule

Summer session scheduling in the Multimedia SIG is over and we are going back to a weekly schedule as of November 1, 2018.

SIG Meetings take place Thursdays 9:30 a.m. in the Ansel Adams Room. Dates listed below.

As you can see, there is a great deal of “TBD” listed at this time for the 2019 season. Check the Meeting Notes for 11/1/18 for the discussion on tentative topics for the SIG. If you have ideas and/or requests, please forward them to me — OR — bring your ideas to the next SIG meeting.

Note: Once we are a month past a meeting date, it will be removed from the Calendar. To find out what happened at previous meetings, check out the Meeting Notes Archive.

 Current as of 11/9/2018

Date  Topic / Discussion Leader (if any)
11/1/18  Resume Weekly sessions / TBD & member videos
11/8/18  TBD & member videos
11/15/18  TBD & member videos
11/22/18  No SIG meeting (Thanksgiving Day)
11/29/18  TBD & member videos
12/6/18  TBD & member videos
12/13/18  Develop 2019 Season calendar & member videos
12/20/18  No SIG meeting/Holidays
12/27/18  No SIG meeting/Holidays
1/3/19  Toy Story 2019SIG members and visitors bring in their new or old favorite stand-by equipment. Anything related to multimedia, which covers quite a bit of ground!         Cameras, tripods, software, gadgets, etc. All Camera Club members invited to attend.   The rest of the 2019 season Calendar will be developed in December.
1/10/19  TBD & member videos
1/17/19  TBD & member videos
1/24/19  TBD & member videos. (Alternate SIG facilitator.)
1/31/19  TBD & member videos
2/7/19  TBD & member videos
2/14/19  TBD & member videos
2/21/19  TBD & member videos
2/28/19  TBD & member videos
3/7/19  TBD & member videos. (Alternate SIG facilitator.)
3/14/19  TBD & member videos
3/21/19  TBD & member videos
3/28/19  TBD & member videos
4/4/19  TBD & member videos
4/11/19  TBD & member videos
4/18/19  TBD & member videos – Begin summer hours – No meetings until May 2nd.
5/2/19  Begin summer SIG Hours, meetings will be held only on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month until further notice. The Return of Summer Cat!