Multimedia Schedule

("They don't know what they're missing!")

Summer Cat is astonished by the goings-on!

Yes! Summer sessions in Multimedia! Join us and we’ll see what we can get up to while the snowbirds are away.  At the very least, look for a “challenge” or two to keep you occupied.

 Current as of 04/10/2018

Date         Subject ( Discussion Leader)

4/19/18:    Summer Organization & Planning Discussion  (Lavender)
5/3/18:         TBD
5/17/18:       TBD
6/7/18:        TBD
6/21/18:     TBD
7/5/18:       Patriotic / Military Theme (Lavender)
7/19/18:     TBD
8/2/18:       TBD
8/16/18:    TBD
9/6/18:       TBD
9/20/18:    TBD
10/4/18:     TBD
10/18/18:  TBD