Multimedia SIG Schedule

SIG Meetings: Every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the Ansel Adams Room. Dates listed below.

 If you have ideas and/or requests, please forward them to me — OR — bring your ideas to the next SIG meeting.

Note: Once we are a month past a meeting date, it will be removed from the Calendar. To find out what happened at previous meetings, check out the Meeting Notes Archive. (Note: The Archive is not being updated until we figure out what has changed in the software that prevents updates.)

 Current as of 3/12/2019

Date  Topic / Discussion Leader (if any)
03/14/19 Cameras in Motion. How to get those cinematic ‘high production value’ shots that involve a moving camera. We’ll take a look at options including home-built alternatives, gimbals, rails, jibs/cranes, etc.
  Member 3MC B&W videos due.
03/21/19 Discussion on how to present a subject/class (Gene Komaromi)
03/28/19 SIG Project: Filming the Camera Club instructional video on “How to Print Your Photo”
04/04/19 Wildlife Videography. How to sneak up on Tweety and get the shot. (Look out, BBC!) Member videos.
04/11/19 Member videos. End of Season Party (Everybody bring their personal “Season Best” video!)
04/18/19 “Things To Come” discussion on next season’s objectives. Member videos. 
Begin summer SIG Hours, meetings will be held only on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month until further notice.
05/02/19 The Return of Summer Cat!