Member Photo Galleries

The GVRCC Member Photo Galleries (pxs) are for your enjoyment. We welcome your comments, so that as photographers we can improve our craft and this website.

These are image collections prepared by GVRCC members.  Viewer comments that are submitted using the “REPLY COMMENT”  box will be forwarded to the image maker.   Please refer to our copyright statement.   Contact Jim Roberts.

Click on an individual’s name to enter their personal photo gallery.

Tom Aslakson Doug CameronHolly ChorbaJerry HarptKeith Kidder – Gene KomaromiJeff Lierman – Jerry MarrionDorie Knutson-Nichols – Dick PaigeFred Reynolds –  Jim Roberts  –  Mary Ann Roeske – Phil RockJack Sharrock – Carl Sparfeld

GVRCC New Member Galleries — Congratulations!  Contact Membership V.P., John Yeager, at: .

Patricia Large

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INSTRUCTIONS to submit images:

New members are welcome to submit images to the website for a personal gallery at any time. A memberʼs personal gallery can contain as few as 6 images, and up to 30 images.  Images can also be submitted for other GVRCC Website Galleries.

If you shoot digital you can start your gallery by saving your files to a CD in JPEG format. Alternatively, you can bring your images on a USB or flash drive, but, please notify the CONTACT person before the meeting so they can bring a computer to download your images. Prints and slides will need to be scanned and submitted as JPEG files. In addition, you can send your images to our Galleries Staff via email to (be aware there are size limits with many email accounts so this is best if you are just adding a few images).  Images will be reviewed for acceptance.

Our software will automatically re-size your images to a web-friendly appropriate size for presentation in the galleries and slideshows.   Feel free to submit full resolution images at a maximum dimension size of 1024.  If you only want a certain size of your images freely available on the internet, please provide downsized versions of your images at the largest size you want to be viewable. Images should be file named with an appropriate title, such as “JWRoberts-Saguaro Symphony.jpg” and “JWRoberts-Cactus Flowers.jpg”, or “JWRoberts-Img_2014”.   Use YOUR initials and last name.  (Note: spaces are acceptable in the filename.)  Any images can be submitted for your member personal photo gallery, they do not have to be images that you have shown at GVRCC .  If you would like your images displayed in a specific order, provide a list of your image titles in the order you desire.  If a sequence order is not provided, your images will be presented in alphabetical order.

You can send a REPLY about these instructions. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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