Gallery of Dorie Knutson-Nichols

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:  I was born and raised in Rockord, Illinois. My husband, me, and our children moved to Oregon, where we lived for twenty two years. The skiing, hiking, fishing and exploring Oregon was a definate highlight for us.  I went to a community college in Illinois, and obtained a two year degree in human services.  I attended Portland State University and Eastern State University in Oregon, and received my Bachelor’s in communications.  We wintered in Arizona, and became permanent residents; as I was offered a job with children’s protective services, with the State of Arizona.  I also lived in Kona, Hawaii, and worked with children’s protective services there.  The experience with a different cultures, enhanced my knowledge and appreciation for the celebration of ethnic diversity.  Moving back to Arizona, I worked in Social Services on a Native American reservation.  Again, my learning experience, showed me the ways of a native population that I appreciated, and learned from.  Last July, after much traveling, we found Green Valley!  We love it here, and feel so fortunate to be part of this community.  My passions are photography and acting, both for which I am active in here.

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You can send a REPLY about these images.  I look forward to receiving your comments.


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