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"The Board of Directors shall be responsible for all activities, standing committees and special events.The board also has the responsibility, duty and power to administer the affairs of the club...."

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Debbi Sinclair

Debbi Sinclair

President – Debbi Sinclair
I have been on the GV Camera Club board since the spring of 2011, serving as President.  It has been enjoyable to work with talented people who are dedicated to the club and who are very professional in their approach. I am proud to have contributed to the club’s advancements into the “digital” age.

I am working on becoming a full-time resident of Green Valley.  My interest in photography started during junior high with Girl Scout hiking and camping activities. I have always enjoyed nature photography and taking photos of our memorable travels.

My professional background ranges from Russian linguist to lawyer to business manager to golf administration (which I did as my post-retirement fun job).  I have volunteered in a leadership capacity in several large organizations. I guess a common theme throughout my professional life has been one of management, which I enjoy and try to utilize for the benefit of the club.


Vice President – Phil Rock

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to run for the Board of the Camera Club.  I have been a Green Valley winter resident for 8 years and a Camera Club member for 5 years. I spend my summers in South Haven, Michigan. I enjoyed a career in Information Technology, programming computers and developing mainframe systems, and also spent 23 years as a manager of software developers. I have contributed to the Camera Club by maintaining and improving the capabilities of the computers available to us for the last three years. This is an equipment-based hobby, and computers are vital to pursuing it. The digital imaging lab should remain up-to-date, be working properly, make available all the software the club teaches and supports, and provide a familiar and useful environment for all of our members.

Secretary – Stephen Herron

I would be honored to represent you on the Camera Club Board of Directors. I am a part-time resident of The Springs here in Green Valley and a member of the Camera Club since 2010. This is my third year volunteering as a monitor and I maintain the Club’s iMac and many printers. I enjoy teaching and helping members solve printing problems.I hold an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Before retirement I worked as principal engineer/color scientist for Xerox and Toshiba, where my research focus was to improve the color accuracy of laser and inkjet printers, and monitors. I have used and programmed Macintosh computers since 1986.

John Pilger

 Treasurer – John Pilger
Born in Loup City, NE, grade school Albuquerque, NM, graduated from Wheat Ridge High School, near Denver. BA in Accounting from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado. Stationed 3 years in Puerto Rico with US Navy. While there, I took up photography as a hobby.Spent 34 years in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I volunteered in my HOA, Crime Stoppers, East Colorado Springs Rotary, Colorado Springs Board of Realtors, and my professional associations.  Retired to Green Valley from Colorado Springs end of 2004, joined the Camera Club while it was at East Center. Volunteered as a Monitor for many years, last year became assistant treasurer to Mary Jane Nowak. I am looking forward to serving as your Treasurer.

Jane Winkenwerder

Jane Winkenwerder
I would like to represent you as a member of the Camera Club Board of Directors.  I grew up in Spencer, Iowa, met my husband Chuck while attending Drake University, and we married in 1965. We have three grown children, and four beautiful granddaughters.  In my “past life” that we all have had, I raised three children while my husband completed his career in the USAF.  Additionally, Chuck & I owned and operatored a retail grocery store for seven years. Following that I worked as a medical secretary for a group of ophthalmologists for almost fifteen years. Following retirement we traveled in our motor home for four years before settling in Green Valley in 2004. While this is our only home we do travel for several months in the summer in our Winnebago motor home. I have been active in several GVR clubs and activities since moving here. I have been an active Camera Club member since 2004. In March 2011 I had the opportunity to assume the responsibility as the monitor co-coordinator for the club, a position I still hold. Club monitors are what keep our club open.  I maintain a monthly schedule, posted on the Club web site which utilizes over seventy monitors to ensure our club doors are open to our membership.  I also work with two other dedicated club volunteers as we collectively train each monitor for this job. I regularly attend Board meetings so as to ensure our monitor corps meets the guidance and mission of our club as determined by our Board of Directors. 

Jeff Lierman

Jeff Lierman

I am a newly retired Postal employee who moved to Green Valley with my wife in 2012 from a small town called Muskego in great state of Wisconsin.  I originally grew up in Milwaukee, but moved to the nearby suburbs of Franklin and Muskego after I married.

I have always been interested in photography and prior to moving to Green Valley, my wife and I created a small studio in our home where we created CustomPix by Jeff, LLC, where we primarily photographed portraits of High School seniors, children, and families.  I am a self-taught photographer who learned technique, editing, and lighting by reading and the always popular, “trial and error”.

I am a firm believer in photo editing and the use of programs such as Photoshop, Photo Matix Pro, and MS Digital Imaging to enhance, create, or improve a photograph.  Creating a dramatic landscape, a striking portrait, or a eye-catching collage from average photos is a fun challenge.

Recently, I have taken over as editor of the GV Camera Club Newsletter and enjoy the opportunity to be more involved in this great club.

My wife and I love to travel and have been to Europe twice, the Caribbean many times, and the French Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific. These trips have given me a lifetime of memories and thousands of photos. Some of these photos have found their way to winning contests.   My photos have also been printed in Wisconsin Calendars and in a book to promote Wisconsin tourism published by Wisconsin Trails magazine.  I won an Editors Choice award in International Cruise Magazine, an Honorable mention in Islands Magazine photo contest, took 1st Place in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Crown & Anchor magazine’s photo contest, and had several photos in Discover Southern Arizona magazine. This year (2014), I had a photo chosen for the cover of Green Valley’s Community Directory.

The GVCC has been a great venue to hone and improve my techniques and meet fellow photographers.  It is a pleasure to be part of such a great club.



John Yeager

John Yeager
My wife, Pam, and I have been “winter cottager’s” in Green Valley since 2003, dividing our time in the high desert with our summer residence in Traverse City, MI.  Photography has been a casual hobby since childhood, but when the digital camera arrived my interest began to grow further.  I enrolled in one of the early 10 week courses in 2005 and have been hooked ever since accumulating a library of images of our travels, families, and special areas of interest.  Having always been an active civic participant in addition to my business activities, it was only a matter of time before my involvement in the Club increased.  Membership challenges poise some unique issues for our Club both due to demographics and technology changes.  I look forward to working with the Board in finding solutions to those matters in the years ahead.

Jerry Marrion

Jerry Marrion
I joined the Camera Club in 2007 after waiting for 18 years of real estate work in Green Valley to be concluded.  Born in the “south” (South Dakota), I left the Midwest at age 17 for duty with the US Navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I have previously worked with Goodyear Tires, All American Trucking, Urology Specialists and then in real estate when I moved to Green Valley in 1987.  My wife and I have lived in the same sub-division here in Green Valley, as full-time residents for 25 years and I have served in five positions for the Continental Vistas Homeowners Subdivision.  I was the sound person for Desert Hills Lutheran Church for 18 years and regularly take photos for various church related activities and events.I regularly take photos here and around the world…but, the desert is so, so special! Look for my photos in Discover Southern Arizona, The Green Valley News and Inside Green Valley.  I teach one of the classes offered by the Camera Club during the annual 10-week course. Look for me in costume and with a table full of props.

Mort Spenser

Mort Spencer
Mort lived in Litchfield CT. for 35 years and belonged to the Lions club the Knights of Columbus and the Valley Vagabonds walking group.  He worked for General Dynamics in Pomona, Ca. Hughes Missile systems  and Raytheon in Tucson, A, as a Field Quality Engineer.   Upon retiring in 2004,  he and his wife, Sheila,  started snow birding in Green Valley.   There he joinied the American Legion and took up photography as a serious hobby.   Mort joined the camera club in 2006 and also recently joined the computer club.   As a Board member he would like to see the club be maintained to supply guidance and programs to the majority of the club members and to support the field trip programs.

Gene Komaromi

 Gene Komaromi
Gene has been a member of the Camera Club for over 12 years and had served of the Board of Directors in the past. Gene is a retired Detroit Public School Technology Teacher and professional photographer. Gene has taught numerous classes at the Camera Club over the years.  Gene states, “I can make three promises as a Board of Directors candidate. First, I won’t say, “We always did it that way”. Secondly, I’ll help spend the Club’s money for the newest and coolest toys that we can put in our club facilities. Finally, I want to help enrich the Camera Club’s educational opportunities.”

Linda Gregory
Arizona Highways was responsible for my family moving from upstate New York to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1957. I graduated from Scottsdale High School and Arizona State University so I consider myself almost a native Arizonan. After living in two great cities on opposite coasts, San Francisco and Boston, I felt the urge to return to Arizona along with my husband, Dave. We moved to Green Valley in 1995.My mother was an artist, but it was my father who encouraged my interest in photography from a very early age. I got my first SLR in 1966 and when I retired from advertising and broadcasting, my brother gifted me with my first digital camera.I took photography classes on and off throughout the years, but it wasn’t until I joined the Green Valley Camera club about 10 years ago, that I saw great improvement in my images. Learning from those members so willing to share their knowledge led me to wanting to teach courses of my own. That’s where my real interest lies–teaching my weekly PS Elements workshop as well as participating in the 10-week course. I plan to add other classes and workshops to the roster available at the Camera Club.I have served on the Board of Directors in the past and look forward to contributing to the club in the future.


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