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You are welcome to contact the GVR Camera Club for more information, to ask questions or to make comments. If you are in the Green Valley area, we cordially invite you to stop in to the GVR Camera Club's facility in the Santa Rita Springs Recreation Building.


Call 520 648-1315 to contact The GVR Camera Club by phone, during regular hours..


You can contact The GVR Camera Club by USPS mail at:

GVR  Camera Club
P.O Box 1423
Green Valley, AZ 85622


You can contact The GVR Camera Club via EMail using the form below:

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The GVR Camera Club also has a Facebook Page:

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Contact Individual Board Members and Committee Chairs


President – Holly Chorba
Phone 520 665-9771
Vice President – Phil Rock
Phone 520 261-1057
Secretary – Stephen Herron
Phone 520 300-6590
Treasurer – John Pilger
Phone 520 403-8907
Gene Komaromi
 Phone 810-543-2317
Patty Ferguson
John Yeager
Phone 520 393-1649
Jerry Marrion
Phone 520 625-0094
Phil Rock
Phone 520 261-1057
Mort Spenser
Phone 520 777-6768
Bob Allen
Phone 520 300-4462
Linda Gregory
Phone 520 625-5121
Blaine nisson
Phone 520 248-2334
Membership – John Yeager
Education – Gene Komaromi
 Phone 810-543-2317
Programs – TBD
Field Trips – Art Dill
 Phone 253-988-2461
Newsletter – Bob Allen
Phone 520 300-4462
Publicity – Jerry Marrion
Travelogue – Holly Chorba
Showtime – Chuck Hill
Scavenger Hunts-Linda Gregory
Monitor Coordinator – Bob Puttock
 Phone 520-625-1483 or 520-591-6329
Volunteer Coordinator – Michele Hamel
Computer Committee  – Phil Rock
Exhibits – Mort Spenser
Facebook Photo of the Day Coordinator – Judith Pollard
Library  – Rebecca McCreary
Potluck – Emily Bagley
Cookie Brigade for Monthly Meetings – Rose Estes
Video/Multimedia SIG – Bryan Lavender
Matting / Mounting  – Bob Martin
Camera Club Supplies – Bill & Sally Wendt
Phone 909-936-9086
Black & White SIG – Wendell Werner
What Can You Do With This Picture SIG – Linda Gregory
Studio & Advanced Techniques SIG – Gary Kattge
Photoshop CS and Lightroom SIG – Al Crawford
Website Galleries – Jim Roberts
Webmaster – Gary Kattge





     Contact Information for Photo Galleries, Slideshows, & Videos:
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All photos on our website pages are the property of our members and downloading or using the photos without permission of the owner is prohibited. 

If you have any questions about this site or want permission to use our member photos, please contact us at:

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Website Standards:

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  • Image Files - JPEG, 1024 pixel size, at web-friendly resolution, preferably with Exif meta data
  • Presentations (recommended) - PCs:  ProShow Gold and Producer output to MPEG-4; MACs: iPhoto and iMovie (also Apple Keynote and Final Cut Pro) output to MPEG4, h.264 .  Cross-Platform:  Adobe Premiere Elements output to MPEG-4, h.264.
  • Video (includes audio) - MPEG4, h.264 codec; NTSC Standard; progressive scanning; 720p to 1080p resolution, 30 fps preferred; 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, 4:3 aspect ratio OK; maximum duration 15 minutes.
  • Website presentation and video plugins - Vimeo; shown directly in Wordpress website
  • Audio (only) - MP3; The free software program titled "Audacity" is a good audio editor.
  • Member Posts - Submissions: .txt and .TEXT files preferred; WORD.doc acceptable
  • Member Links - To non-commercial personal outside websites; linked in member's GVCC personal gallery/bio; and approved by GVCC Webmaster

Note:  There are other software Titles that are acceptable for developing and outputting suitable formats for presentations and videos to be shown in this website (i.e., Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Elements).

FEATURED PHOTO GALLERY -- "Members Favorite Image"
GVRCC members are invited to submit their images for Featured Galleries and other galleries in the Website. Subject matter should support the gallery title. Instructions on how to submit images for our website galleries are provided on the GVRCC "Photographic Image Submission Form" that is available on the sidebar of Gallery pages in this website.  Any questions - contact Jim Roberts by email to:
The "Members Favorite Image" Featured Photo Gallery is the first of a series of favorite galleries that will be presented during the 2017 -2018 GVRCC season.  Look forward to submitting your images in categories such as Portrait, Landscape, Action Sports, Wildlife, Photojournalism, Architecture, etc.  Looking forward, member suggestions for Featured Photo Galleries are also welcome.
We invite you to send in  your ideas for future Featured Photo Galleries.  Have a FUN time shooting!
Click here to view the Featured Photo Gallery.