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GVRCC members are welcome to suggest featured photo gallery topics for upcoming months . And, we look forward to your image and video submissions for the Featured Galleries and the GVRCC Website. Contact Jim Roberts or Gary Kattge. Please send your comments.

The Featured Galleries Archive posts gallery topics proposed by GVRCC members.   Different Featured Galleries are highlighted on the Home Page of this website during the GVRCC season (October through June).  Members can submit images for these galleries and videos at any time.  The Featured Galleries in this Archive will be maintained and updated for viewing.

If you would like to include your images in any of these galleries, e-mail the photo gallery “CONTACT” person for instructions. Please provide your e-mail address and phone number.

Additional INSTRUCTIONS are included in the GVRCC “Photographic Image Submission Form” PDF.

To enter a Featured Gallery shown below, click on the gallery “Title“.

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The “Members Favorite Image” Featured Photo Gallery was the first of a series of favorite galleries that were be presented during the 2016-2017 GVRCC season. Look forward to submitting your images in categories such as Portrait, Landscape, Action Sports, Wildlife, Photojournalism, Architecture, etc.  Only one image per member, please!  For a PDF of instructions for E-mailing your Members Favorite Image, CLICK HERE. VOTE for Members Favorite Image, CLICK HERE. Contact Jim Roberts.
Tom Aslakson

Gallery of Tom Aslakson“, May, 2015 — This is Tom’s personal Member Photo Gallery on the GVRCC Website.  Tom has done a great job in preparing the gallery and displaying his wonderful images.  This Gallery with Slideshow is a good example for members to check out if they are considering preparing a personal Member Photo Gallery for the Website.  We also applaud Tom for serving the GVRCC as a Monitor, Nature Gallery facilitator, and photographer of paintings for the members of the Santa Rita Art League.

Steampunk Convention Featured GalleryHey Punk, You Wanna Pick up Some Steam …….?“, April, 2015 — Carl Sparfeld of the Green Valley Camera Club recently visited and shot the Steampunk Convention held at the Old Tucson Studios.  “In three short words, steampunk is Victorian science fiction.”  Learn much more about Steampunk and view these very interesting images.  Contact Jim Roberts or Carl Sparfeld.

flat-cowboy-silhouette-sitting-on-horse-72147494130-150Filming Cowboys & Indians“, February, 2015 — Carl Sparfeld and Jerry Marrion of the Green Valley Recreation Camera Club have been invited to be the set photographers for three western movies … Check out their great images!  Contact Carl Sparfeld.


Nature”, March, 2014 — Four ALBUMS of GVRCC member images are presented:  Fauna of the Southwest, Flora of the Southwest, Landscapes of the Southwest, and Fauana & Flora of the World.  Contact Tom Aslakson.

Wonders of America“‘, November, 2013 — This featured presentation will take you to the most extreme places in America.  Enjoy the images taken by GVRCC members, and learn about the many “Wonders” they have seen.  Contact Jim Roberts to submit images.

3D Imaging“, June, 2013 — Learn about 3D Photography and how to take 3D images with your standard digital camera. View example 3D images with anaglyph glasses provided at the Camera Club. Contact Bob Brackett.

Jeff LiermanShow Cars & Motorcycles“, May, 2013 — Includes a digital image gallery of cool cars, hot rods, racers, antiques and motorcycles, and a video.  Contact Jeff Lierman.

Cowboys & Cowgirls of the West“, April, 2013 — Join us in celebrating the new GVRCC Website by submitting your images for our monthly photo gallery! Contact Jim Roberts.



You can send a REPLY about these galleries. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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