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3D Photography” by Bob Brackett

Anyone with an ordinary camera can take and view 3D photos.  Two pictures taken approximately 2-1/2″ apart are all that is required.  The image below is a composite of two images taken with a digital camera.  The distance to the nearest object should not be less than 4 feet.  It is important to keep the head still when moving the camera.  To learn more … read on … Bob Brackett

These two photos are all that are needed to construct a 3 dimensional image.  Many people can “free view” these flat photos and see them in 3D without additional devices.  Other viewing methods include viewing the photos arranged side by side, separated by a vertical piece of paper so that each eye sees only one photo.  Also, the images can be projected through polarizing filters onto a silver screen, and viewed through Polaroid glasses.

You are invited to view these example 3D images on a computer at the GVR Camera Club facility.  The Club has 3D glasses for your use.  To learn more … read on ..

Bob Brackett

A favorite method is to make anaglyph prints using a free computer program where the left and right images are inkjet printed in color, superimposed on one sheet.  The left image is printed in red, and the right image is printed in cyan.  The anaglyph print is then viewed in 3D through a pair of anaglyph glasses of the same colors.  The anaglyph also appears in full 3D relief on a computer monitor when viewed through anaglyph glasses.

Bob Bracket

Next season at the GVR Camera Club, we plan to present a workshop on 3D Photography as a session of the Studio Techniques SIG.

The free 3D program download:  stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr

Anaglyph glasses can be obtained from Berezin Stereo Photography Products:  www.berezin.com/3d

There is much more to learn about 3D Imaging:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:3D_imaging

You can send a REPLY about these 3D images and Bob’s article. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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