Featured Photo Gallery for May

GVRCC members are welcome to suggest featured photo gallery topics for upcoming months. And, we look forward to your image submissions and comments for this gallery and the GVRCC Website. Please contact Jim Roberts or Gary Kattge.

Show Cars & Motorcycles

GVRCC members are invited to submit their images for this featured gallery that will be displayed as a SLIDESHOW.  Subject matter should support the gallery title. Instructions on how to submit images are provided on the GVRCC “Photographic Image Submission Form” that is available at the Camera Club (ask a Monitor) and from the Galleries List of the Website sidebar.  OR – contact Jim Roberts by email to: Galleries@dev.gvcameraclub.org

Jim Roberts

The Car Nuts Show in Tubac, AZ, and other venues should provide some nice images.  You may have cool photos of a favorite car or motorcycle that you have owned.  Perhaps you enjoy taking pan shots at race tracks, or focus close-up to hood ornaments, trim, wheels and hubcaps.

In addition to the slideshow below, as a special treat, we have a wonderfully produced antique and custom cars video by Tom Ransburg of GVRCC titled “Free Wheeling“.  CLICK HERE to view Tom’s video production shown on Vimeo.

Click the first image of the gallery below to see the full size image SLIDESHOW.

The “thumbnail” images shown are cropped smaller. Allow time for images to load.

You can send a REPLY about these images. We look forward to receiving your comments.


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