Gallery of Douglas Cameron

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BIO: Full time resident of Green Valley since retirement in 1993.  Grew up in up-state New York where my interest in general aviation first  began where  I operated an airport in Utica, N. Y.  My business life was spent in Marketing and Management field within the aviation industry.  Active pilot  for 41 years and held numerous ratings including  an Instrument rating with over 5,000 hours. Director of Marketing for Jeppesen Sanderson, a Times Mirror Corporation in Denver, Colorado; President & CEO of Acfield Aviation Supplies Limited, Phillcan Aviation Limited and Acfield Publishing Limited in Canada prior to retiring. Upon retirement, my wife and I returned to the United States.  My main interest was to enjoy life, golf and travel. About four years ago, I gave up golf and joined the Green Valley Camera Club.  The  Club has a world of talent within its membership and they are very willing to teach those who want to learn.  Digital photography opens a whole new world to you and makes your travels even more enjoyable.  I enjoy photographing anything that gets within the view of my lens.  Hope you find my gallery of interest.

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You can send a REPLY about these images. I look forward to receiving your comments.


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