Black & White Comparative Gallery

Converting your images to quality black & white (grayscale) images can be easily accomplished by use of the software listed below. For further information, contact Wendell Werner.

You can click on a software title to bring up a link to a PDF file that will describe the software and typical workflow procedures used to convert an original color image into a black and white (monochrome) image.

The “Black & White Comparative Gallery” on this page shows examples of color images that have been converted to grayscale.  A larger size of an image can be viewed by clicking at the bottom of the image.

Additional black & white images developed by GVRCC members can also be viewed by clicking “Black & White Monochrome” in the Galleries List.


Conversion Techniques and Software Titles:  (in PDF format)  Click on icon or listing Title.

In-Camera Conversion                   ● Adobe Lightroom 4 & 3         ● Infrared Photography
Microsoft Picture Manager               ● Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CS5
Picasa 3                                     ● Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS3, & CS2
Camera Raw Converter                  ● NIK Color Efex Pro
● Adobe PS Elements                       ● NIK Silver Efex Pro



Maker:  Gary Logan                            Image:  P1010274
Title:  “Pima Air Museum”                     Software:  NIK Silver Efex Pro
Location:  Tucson, AZ                          Process:  B/W Conversion, Pre-set selection
Comment:  Panasonic LX5 Camera.  This image was edited in Photoshop Elements, using a NIK software plug-in called Silver Efex Pro (first version). Click here for Instructions.



Maker:  Jim Roberts                             Image:  IMG_0060.CR2
Title:  “Maroon Bells”                           Software:  NIK Color Efex Pro
Location:  Aspen, CO                           Process:  HDR-Efex Pro; & Color EfexPro-B/W Conversion
Comment:  Canon Powershot G-12 camera.  Seeking to bring out detail in shadow areas and avoid washout in bright areas.  The Raw image was first opened in Photoshop CS2.  The NIK HDR Efex Pro plugin was used to create three exposures of the image that were merged to bring out more detail.  The image was then converted to grayscale using the B&W filter in Color Effex Pro.  Click here for Instructions.



Maker:  Bruce Zimmerman                           Image:  IMG_0104
Title:  “St. Francis with Birds”                       Software:  Photoshop CS2
Location:  Green Valley, AZ                           Process:  Levels, Contrast, Saturation, Filter: Sepia
Comment:  N/A



Maker:  J. Neil Hammitt                              Image:  I
Title:  “Wyoming Skies”                              Software:  Photoshop CS3
Location:  West of Cheyenne, WY                 Process:  Adjustment Layer, B/W Conversion
Comment:  Nikon d-5000 camera with Tamron 18-270 mm lens.



Maker:  Al Crawford                   Image:  I888888.CR2
Title:  “Undetermined”                Software:  Photoshop CS5
Location:  A                                  Process:  H
CommentClick here for Instructions.   – UNDER CONSTRUCTION —



Maker:  Bill McDonald                                 Image:  Russia 061811 FZ100
Title:  “Transfiguration Church”                     Software:  NIK Silver Efex Pro
Location:  Kizhi Island, Russia                      Process:  Details in Photoshop, then conversion with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Comment:  aka, Church of Lazarus Resurrection; has 22 wood domes.



Maker:  Al Crawford                           Image:  IMG88888.CR2
Title:  “Tohono Chul Park”                    Software:  Lightroom
Location:  Tucson, AZ                         Process:  H
Comment:  Metal sculpture of horse.  Click here for Instructions.   — UNDER CONSTRUCTION —



Maker:  Wendell Werner                       Image:  DSC_0085
Title:  “Carmel Mission”                        Software:  Photoshop Elements
Location:  Carmel by the Sea, CA           Process:  B/W Conversion Tool
Comment:  Nikon D90 camera with Nikon 18-105 mm f3.5-5.6 lens.  Click here for Instructions.



Maker:  Jim Roberts                              Image:  Walkway to GVCC-6754.CR2
Title:  “Walkway to GVRCC”                     Software:  Camera Raw Converter
Location:  Camera Club entrance             Process:  Used Canon “ZoomBrowser EX” utility software to convert Raw color image into a monochrome image.  Then, converted to sepia tone, and applied a red filter and additional sharpening for more structure.
Comment:  Canon 3oD with Sigma DC 18-200 mm lens.   Click here for Instructions.



Maker:  Jim Roberts                                     Image:  IMG_0055.jpg
Title:  “Day of the Dead”, parade                    Software:  Picasa 3
Location:  4th St., Tucson, AZ                         Process:  Focal Black & White filter
Comment:  Canon Powershot G-12 camera.  For this image I wanted to have only red stand out, but all else to be in grayscale.  This eliminates the distracting yellow and blue from the corner of the image and moves the viewer’s attention to the facial make-up on the subject.  I was able to do this with a special red filter available in an earlier version of Picasa.  However, newer versions of Picasa do not have that technique available.  You can use Picasa’s “Focal B & W” filter to select a specific area of a photo where you want color, and the remainder of the photo will be in grayscale.  So, I went to the “Help” menu in Picasa and found a suggestion to download a “Freeware” plugin that works quite nicely:  The FREEWARE is titled “Photo Black & Color”.  This is suitable for people who do NOT use more extensive and costly editing programs such as Elements and Photoshop.  Click here for Picasa Instructions.



Maker:  Sylvie Robertshaw                    Image:  I8888888.JPG
Title:  “Hoot”                                     Software:  Microsoft Picture Manager
Location:  Arivaca, AZ                          Process:  Playful use of brightness, contrast, and midtone options
Comment:  This shot is an homage to the fascinating people of Arivaca.  When converting this spontaneous color portrait of a reluctant subject to black and white, I had in mind to highlight the shadow of the barrier in the left bottom corner to echo the plaid fabric of his shirt and the stitching on his coat.  I was surprised, however, to discover that the best texture captured by my basic CANON PowerShot A11 came from the hair and the wrinkles on his face.  Hoot suddenly appeared as an old western movie character.  Ironically enough his father, an extra once upon a time in Arivaca, named Hoot after such a real life actor that came to town to shoot a film.  From where he’s resting today, Hoot’s father can be proud of the name’s legacy as incarnated in the digital world.   Click here for Instructions.



Maker:  Bill McDonald                                               Image:  IR CRG 0808
Title:  “Wahkeena Falls”                                            Software:  Photoshop CS3
Location:  Columbia River Gorge, OR                            Process:  Taken with infrared camera
Comment (Infrared Camera): For comparison, the color image was taken with a regular digital camera.  Then, I took the scene using a camera dedicated for infrared images.  (There was no conversion made of the color image).  Click here for Instructions.

(2 single images)


Maker: Gary Logan                                             Maker: Bruce Zimmerman
Title: “Tumacacori Mission”                                   Title: “Fire on the Mountain”
Location: Tumacacori, AZ                                      Location: Santa Ritas, Green Valley
Image: P1010461.jpeg                                         Image: IMG_1750-AG-S40.tif (then jpeg)
Software: Editing with Silver Efex Pro, Preset           Software: Photoshop Elements
Process: “In Camera”                                          Process: “In-Camera”

Comment (In-Camera, Gary Logan): I recently bought a Panasonic LX5, 10MP with a 2.0 Leica lens.  The camera has been fun so far, and one of the ways this camera shoots b & w is to use the color mode selection they call “Film Grain”.  This simulates somewhat the effect of film grain by raising the ISO setting to 1600 when this is selected, and the resulting shot, taken in b & w  can look underexposed, with film noise,  and it can create a  kind of moody, introspective look with the right subject and ambient light.  I think I did use a little editing on the outdoor shot using a Silver Efex Pro preset. It may not be necessary to do any further editing at all beyond what the camera takes if one likes it.   The histogram shows dark areas very strong and much of it is to the far left on the histogram.  The camera can also shoot in what they call Dynamic b & w, and monochrome, with mixed results.  These are  a few of the settings called My Color Mode.  Click here for Instructions.

Comment (In-Camera, Bruce Zimmerman): Original Picture:  IMG_1750.jpg, taken as a black & white in the camera.  Then, I used Photoshop Elements in processing through — Levels, Contrast, Saturation, Filter: Sepia.  Click here for Instructions.



Maker: Dave Erickson
Title: “Receding Waves”
Location: Cape Flattery, WA
Image: IMG_4065.CR2
Software: Editing with NIK Silver Efex Pro
Comment:  Canon EOS Rebel T5i




Maker: Dave Erickson
Title: “Mitten Silhouettes”
Location: Monument Valley, AZ
Image: IMG_2757.CR2
Software: Editing with NIK Silver Efex Pro
Comment: Canon EOS Rebel T5i

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