Featured Photo Gallery for April

GVRCC members are welcome to suggest featured photo gallery topics for upcoming months . And, we look forward to your image submissions and comments for this gallery and the GVRCC Website. Please contact Jim Roberts or Garry Kattge.

Cowboys & Cowgirls of the West


Inspiration for the “Cowboys and Cowgirls of the West” gallery came from the fun that more than sixty GVRCC members had during the recent field trip to the Triangle T Ranch (located about 20 miles west of Benson off Interstate 10, Exit 318, by Texas Canyon and Dragoon, AZ).  In the bar and lunch room we enjoyed a reenactment of a Tombstone movie scene.  The bar wall displayed a fifteen foot long mural painted by an unknown Hollywood artist.  If you click on the mural images, a larger size image of the mural will pop up. You will notice that the cowboys have faces of famous actors!

The “thumbnail” images shown below are cropped smaller. Allow time for images to load.

Click the first image of the gallery to see the full size image SLIDESHOW.

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