Explore this Resources section to find links to a variety of photography related websites and offers.

The GVR Camera Club provides its members with written, multimedia and human resources to aid in the understanding of the art of photography.

Printed and Multimedia Resources

The GVR Camera Club maintains a library of materials that is housed on book shelves that are located across from the Monitors Work Station. Browse through the materials to locate items that may provide information on specific topics.

SIGS As Resources

The Special Interest Groups of the GVR Camera Club are the Club’s most powerful resource on a wide variety of topics. The Club has Special Interest Groups in the following areas, with more being added regularly.

  • Beginning Digital Photography
  • Photo Show Elements
  • dSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony and other brands)
  • Black & White
  • Multimedia

Visit the GVR Camera Club’s Club Events for a complete list.

 Resource Links

DIY (Do It Yourself)

  • Multimedia SIG members go to this link to learn how to make a Camera Stabilizer for $15.00.


(NOTE: This list is provided solely as a reference of popular suppliers of photography equipment. The GVR Camera Club does not endorse, recommend or suggest one is preferred over another, nor is there any relationship between any supplier and the GVR Camera Club.)

Software: Free/Open Source/Shareware

  • Get Google Photos here. Picasa is no longer – and has been replaced by Google Photos, an excellent digital photo organizer – it’s totally free! (free Google account is required).
  • Download the Open Source photo editor GIMP here.
  • Download the Open Source slide show creation program FFDiaporama here.
  • Download a copy of Photoscape another powerful free editor.

Tutorials & Information


Individual Help

Do you need individual help learning about your camera, matting, software?  Some of our members are willing to share their expertise. Here is a list of some GVR Camera Club members willing to share their knowledge:

 Click here for a list of members who are willing to share their expertise.

 Class Notes and Handouts

“Mastering Your Digital Camera” class handouts (Tom Aslakson)
Very informative.

10-Week Beginner’s Class outlines (available soon here)

  • Introduction
  • Week 1 & 2:
  • Week 2:
  • Week 3:
  • Week 4: Beyond Auto
  • Week 5: Don White 3X5 Card
  • Week 5: Don White Presentation
  • Week 6: Elements
  • Week 7: Proshow
  • Week 8: Elements Organizer
  • Week 9: Crawford
  • Week 10: Mission Possible












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  • Presentations (recommended) - PCs:  ProShow Gold and Producer output to MPEG-4; MACs: iPhoto and iMovie (also Apple Keynote and Final Cut Pro) output to MPEG4, h.264 .  Cross-Platform:  Adobe Premiere Elements output to MPEG-4, h.264.
  • Video (includes audio) - MPEG4, h.264 codec; NTSC Standard; progressive scanning; 720p to 1080p resolution, 30 fps preferred; 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, 4:3 aspect ratio OK; maximum duration 15 minutes.
  • Website presentation and video plugins - Vimeo; shown directly in Wordpress website
  • Audio (only) - MP3; The free software program titled "Audacity" is a good audio editor.
  • Member Posts - Submissions: .txt and .TEXT files preferred; WORD.doc acceptable
  • Member Links - To non-commercial personal outside websites; linked in member's GVCC personal gallery/bio; and approved by GVCC Webmaster

Note:  There are other software Titles that are acceptable for developing and outputting suitable formats for presentations and videos to be shown in this website (i.e., Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Elements).

FEATURED PHOTO GALLERY -- "Members Favorite Image"
GVRCC members are invited to submit their images for Featured Galleries and other galleries in the Website. Subject matter should support the gallery title. Instructions on how to submit images for our website galleries are provided on the GVRCC "Photographic Image Submission Form" that is available on the sidebar of Gallery pages in this website.  Any questions - contact Jim Roberts by email to:
The "Members Favorite Image" Featured Photo Gallery is the first of a series of favorite galleries that will be presented during the 2017 -2018 GVRCC season.  Look forward to submitting your images in categories such as Portrait, Landscape, Action Sports, Wildlife, Photojournalism, Architecture, etc.  Looking forward, member suggestions for Featured Photo Galleries are also welcome.
We invite you to send in  your ideas for future Featured Photo Galleries.  Have a FUN time shooting!
Click here to view the Featured Photo Gallery.