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Jim RobertsBIO:  My wife, Bonnie, shares a creative passion as an artist. Photography, her oil painting, and our motorcycling have led us to explore many adventures together. We also deeply enjoy our six children and fourteen grandchildren. In fact, we did a digital photo shoot of our grandchildren dressed in Chicago Cubs outfits as a team superimposed over a backdrop of Wrigley Field (see gallery). Fun for me in the summer includes mechanics and competing in “Trials” motorcycle competitions with my restored ’63 Triumph Tiger Cub. I am also currently working on the production of a 250cc class supercharged motorcycle to run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. During weekdays I use to entertain 600 Junior High students as a Teacher of Applied Technology (I am now retired). I was born in October, 1943, and grew up in Skokie, IL. Northern Illinois University considers me an alum. Our home was in Arlington Heights, IL, but we now live full-time in Green Valley, AZ. Life has been great and I have the memories on photos to enjoy again and again. Web site development and stained glass are my most recent pastimes. I serve as Equipment Chairperson for the Photographic Society of America and I help with the Green Valley Camera Club website.

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You can send a REPLY about these images.  I look forward to receiving your comments.


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