Quaking Aspen

Largest Plant


U.S. Postal Commemorative, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

St. Louis, Missouri

The root system of a quaking aspen tree can produce a clone that appears to be an entire grove.  A clone in Utah named Pando (Latin for “I spread”) weighs an estimated 6,600 tons, making it one of the most massive living organisms known.


Wonders of America: Land of Superlatives Stamp Series@2005 United States Postal Service. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

Image courtesy of Ed Hunt, GVCC — Barbara and I volunteered at the YMCA of the Rockies in 2011. Every day lent an opportunity for great photos. The changing of the aspen was a sight to behold.

Image at right side courtesy of Bonnie Roberts, GVCC — In September of 2011, my husband, Jim, and I attended the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Conference in Colorado Springs.  Following the event, we visited Aspen, CO, with many other photographers to capture the beautiful fall scenery in a nearby area called “Maroon Bells”.  I snapped a photo of the Aspen which later was my inspiration for this painting.

Below image courtesy of Keith Kidder, GVCC — Aspen Trees at Rawah Valley, CO, shot 9/8/08.