Crater Lake

Deepest Lake


U.S. Postal Commemorative, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

St. Louis, Missouri

At its deepest, the bottom of Crater Lake, in Oregon, is 1,943 feet below the water’s surface; the lake’s maximum width is six miles.  This beautiful body of water, known for its intense blue color, formed after the collapse of an ancient volcano.

Wonders of America: Land of Superlatives Stamp Series@2005 United States Postal Service. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

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Image courtesy of Richard Hovey, GVCC.  Tourist snapshot of Wizard Island from a Rim Drive viewpoint on the west side of Crater Lake.  This cinder cone rises about 755 ft. above the surface of the lake. We visited on Aug. 24, 2005.  It was a bit hazy probably from forest fire smoke.  We were on the way to take the boat tour of the lake which stops and lets passengers off at a dock on the south side of the island.  There’s a trail to the top.  By coincidence, the Governor of Oregon was on the boat sitting right behind us.

Canon Rebel XT, Aperture priority, 1/100th @f8, Canon 18-55mm lens set to 21mm.

Image to right courtesy of Shirley Caseboldt, GVCC.  This picture of Crater Lake was taken when my daughter came to visit us from Green Valley.  We were showing her around some scenic areas of Oregon.