The GVRCC Photo Galleries are for your enjoyment. We welcome your comments, so that as photographers we can improve our craft and this website. Please refer to our copyright statement. The GALLERIES LIST on the left side of this page provides a direct link to all galleries currently available for viewing on this site.


If you would like to include your images in any of these galleries, e-mail the photo gallery “CONTACT” person for instructions. Please provide your e-mail address and phone number.

Additional INSTRUCTIONS are included in the GVRCC “Photographic Image Submission Form” PDF.

To enter a gallery shown below, click on the gallery “Title“.  That will bring up a new page giving more details and the gallery selections.

Featured Galleries” are discussed on the Featured Galleries Archive page.  Featured Gallery topics are proposed by GVRCC members. Different Featured Galleries are highlighted on the Home Page of this website during the GVRCC season (October through June). Members can submit images for these galleries and videos at any time.  Contact Jim Roberts.

Member Photo Galleries” showcase a variety of image types chosen and made by current Club members.  Contact Jim Roberts.

Theme Galleries” dynamically display the works of current club members focusing on specific themes or topics.  These include selected images and recent presentations such as SHOWTIME, SCAVENGER HUNTS, and TRAVELOGUES.  Contact Chuck Hill, Linda Gregory, and Paul Mccreary respectively.

Multimedia Presentations” includes recently developed member programs incorporating audio, music, narrative, video, photo images, graphics, etc.  Contact Bryan Lavender.

GVRCC Travels” includes photo galleries of Club member group field trips and special outings.  Contact Carl Sparfeld.

Green Valley in Pictures” represents our commitment to archiving photos of the community we serve.  Contact Debbi Sinclair.

Photos of the Month” highlights selected OUTSTANDING photos viewed at Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings for prints, digitals, monochromes, studio techniques, and field trips.  Contact your SIG Leader.

By Category Galleries” include photo media groupings such as B & W ComparativeB & W Monochrome, Creative Digitals, Studio Techniques, Nature, National Parks, and Wonders of America.  Contacts:  See “Photo Gallery Contacts” at the upper left in the sidebar.

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