Wonders of America

This presentation will take you to the most extreme places in America. Enjoy the images taken by GVCC members, and learn about the many "Wonders" they have seen. Contact Jim Roberts to submit images for this gallery.

  Land of Superlatives


U.S. Postal Commemorative, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis, Missouri     (scroll down)

You can also click on the following link to view the U.S Postal Service’s promotional Vimeo video about the Wonders and the Commemorative stamps: VIDEO LINK.


Largest Reptile Highest Sea Cliffs Tallest Cactus Largest Glacier Tallest Dunes Largest Estuary Largest Cliff Dwelling Deepest Lake Largest Land Mammal Longest Reef Longest Hiking Trail Tallest Man-made Monument Oldest Mountains Largest Flower Largest Lake Fastest Land Animal Oldest Tree Tallest Waterfall Largest Desert Longest Span Windiest Place Largest Canyon Largest Frog Tallest Dam Fastest Bird Largest Delta Tallest Geyser Largest Natural Bridge Largest Freshwater Fish Longest Mountain Chain Tallest Tree Largest Rodent Longest River System Rainiest Spot Most Active Volcano Longest Cave Loudest Animal Hottest Spot Longest Covered Bridge Largest Plant

Wonders of America:  Land of Superlatives Stamp Series@2005 United States Postal Service.

All rights reserved.  Used with Permission.

Image courtesy of Jim Roberts, Arlington Camera Club and Green Valley Camera Club.


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