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Scratches On The Chalkboard

The Winter Season at the GVR Camera Club will shortly be in full swing. Some seasonal classes and Special Interest Groups are now open for registration and some new classes and Special Interest Groups will be available soon.

Ten Week Photography Class – Free

The Green Valley Recreation Camera Club is offering members a “Ten Week Photography Class” with the objective of enhancing the photographic skills of participants. The popularity of quality cameras in phones and the vast array of features on cameras has shifted our focus from equipment to the actual photograph. The 2020 “Ten Week Class” will reflect that focus.

  • All of the “Instructor Handouts”, some instructional videos and other information will be available on the Internet.
  • Any Class Information that needs to be updated during the ten weeks will be sent directly to you through the GVR Camera Club’s Wild Apricot system.

Register for the Wednesday Class

Register for the Thursday Class at:

Register for the Thursday Class:

Multimedia Special Interest Group 

The Multimedia SIG is your one-stop-shop for learning about the ins and outs of producing your own videos to share with friends, family, or others! Through weekly meetings you will interact with others in the SIG as we review each other’s films and offer constructive criticism. This is a very active SIG and you will be exposed to a wide range of subjects during the year. Click here to learn more.

A Kindergarten for Lightroom Classic

For those who would like to get started with Lightroom Classic this 12-session course is for you. The class will start from the beginning with how to purchase and download Lightroom Classic, what equipment you will need, how to properly organize your photos, and how to install Lightroom on your computer. The class is designed for beginners.

When the course is over, you will have learned how to move your images from your camera to Lightroom, how to make your photos the best they can be, and how to produce the final results, either for display on a screen or in a print.

Lightroom Classic is available through the Photography package at  That package is $9.99 per month and includes Adobe Photoshop.

Instructor: Al Crawford

Register at:

Educational Planning

  • Digital Photo Sig has been dropped. Check Newsletters and EBlasts for a new class on Phone Photography called Phonography that will fill the time slot, watch for an organizational meeting sometime in December.
  • An activity to directly replace Digital Photo Sig is also in the planning stages.
  • The Club has purchased some Creative Live Videos and will be showing them as classes, again watch for future announcements.
  • Check the Club’s Online Events at:


Online Tutorials

Mounting Prints On Foam Core Board

You may have seen prints mounted on foam core board in Camera Club displays. Watch the video below, created by the Multi-Media SIG and learn how to make the lightweight and inexpensive Foam Core Mounts.

Obtaining  and Installing GIMP

This video shows how to obtain and install the GIMP Photo Editing Program.

Making “Color Pop” Using GIMP

This video shows how to make a photograph where the subject is in Color and the background is in Black and White. The video introduces the concept of “Layers” in GIMP.

Here’s a video on making large prints: