Classes == Photographic Library == Special Interest Groups (SIGs) == Field Trips == Your Club has all the necessary resources for you to elevate your photographic knowledge, whether your level is beginner or advanced.


Attend the weekly classes or our exclusive, yearly photo course:

  • 10-Week Course, held each year from January into March
  • Photoshop Elements 101
  • ProShow Gold
  • SmileBox
  • Master Your Digital Camera

Sign-ups required for most – reference our Club Calendar and the Club Events sign-up online.

Photographic Library

The Club maintains an extensive library of books, magazines, DVD videos and other printed materials which you may borrow to learn at you own pace.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Attend one of the many groups which meet weekly to discuss a topic of special interest – just show up, no registration required:

  • Studio & Advanced Techniques SIG – learn advanced techniques of photography, studio lighting, portraiture, table-top still life and more. Meets every Monday, 9:30am. Updated! View the 2017-2018 SIG Topics Calendar 
  • Black &White SIG – main focus is black & white print techniques & critique.
  • Print/Digital SIG – bring your prints (2nd & 4th Tuesdays) or photos on a Flash drive (1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays) for “Show & Tell” and critique.
  • Multimedia SIGClick here to explore and learn the facets of multi-media, including audio, video & animation. (Note: NO prerequisites required to join this SIG!) Updated!  View the 2017-2018 class topics calendar
  • Photoshop CC & Lightroom CC SIG – the “post-processing” side of photography – elevate your software chops!
  • “Photography Geeks” SIG – join this ad-hoc group to discuss cameras, lenses, features, accessories…and more!
  • “What Can You Do with This Photo?” SIG – bring your photos to discuss what you might really do to improve them!
  • Photography Art SIG – 

    Several members of the GVR Camera Club have been showing breathtaking artistic photographs that have been eliciting “aaws” from every audience that they’ve been shown to. For examples of the photos that can be produced with these techniques, click HERE.There have been numerous requests from members who want to create similar Art Photographs, to offer classes on the techniques used.In order to satisfy those requests, the GVR Camera Club is launching a new Special Interest Group (SIG) for members who want to “Click it up a Notch” to a photo art form. Liz Palmer will be the initial facilitator for this group.

Consult the Club Calendar for days, times and more details.

Field Trips

Join a field trip and have fun while you get some practical experience with your camera. There is a trip and subject to satisfy everyone’s tastes. And, meet some new Club members too!

Sign-ups required  – reference our Club Calendar and the Club Events sign-up on line.

Individual Instruction

Want to learn how to mat a print?; Having difficulty with a feature on your camera?; Need to learn how to use a printer or scanner?; Need some instruction on video editing?… One of our members with the knowledge will be happy to assist you – just ask! View list of topics and instructors

Online Tutorials

Mounting Prints On Foam Core Board

You may have seen prints mounted on foam core board in Camera Club displays. Watch the video below, created by the Multi-Media SIG and learn how to make the lightweight and inexpensive Foam Core Mounts.

Obtaining  and Installing GIMP

This video shows how to obtain and install the GIMP Photo Editing Program.

Making “Color Pop” Using GIMP

This video shows how to make a photograph where the subject is in Color and the background is in Black and White. The video introduces the concept of “Layers” in GIMP.